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Our team at Oxford Pride is formed of committed volunteers in a varierty of roles. We are always on the lookout for people to help throughout the year, if you can commit some time to help from a few hours to much more and to help shapre the future of your pride please get in touch or view our current vacancies.


Zayna Ratty


I am Zayna Ratty and I am honoured to be the 1st female PoC (Person of Colour) Oxford Pride Chair. This year we have a committee brimming with experience and enthusiasm to bring you the best pride we can. We have already created a new Accessibility Officer and 2 Community Officers. Over the coming months you will be seeing and hearing about us, who we are, what we do.

We are committed to creating a Pride and Festival that is diverse, inclusive, accessible, fun and thought provoking for everyone. We value your views, feedback and would love to hear what you want from Oxford Pride 2020. Please get in touch with what you would like to see.



This position is currently vacant, want to be considered for this role? Please contact

Stephanie Atherton


Hello – I’m Steph (she/her/hers), the Secretary for Oxford Pride 2020. This is my second year on committee, having previously been the Communications Officer for the 2019 festival – although I first accidentally got involved in 2018, when I unexpectedly ended up holding the banner and leading the Pride parade because of my eye-catching rainbow suit! I was inspired to join the committee because I’m a passionate (and compassionate) advocate of the entire LGBTQIA+ community, and take every opportunity to make an active contribution to it wherever I go. Previously I’ve worked in a sixth form college in Wigan where I set up a student LGBTQIA+ society, and whilst employed at the University of Winchester I was Secretary for both Hampshire Pride and the university’s Equality and Diversity Forum. After moving around quite a bit, I finally find myself very well-settled in Oxford, where I’ve immersed myself into the thriving LGBTQIA+ scene.

Mark Whittaker

Non-Executive Director


Non-Executive Director

This position is currently vacant, want to be considered for this role? Please contact

Festival Committee


Accessibility Officer

This position is currently vacant, want to be considered for this role? Please contact


Communications Officer

This position is currently vacant, want to be considered for this role? Please contact

Amy Parrack

Community Officer

Karl Jackson

Creative Officer

I’m Karl (he/him/his), Oxford Pride’s Creative Officer for 2020. New to the committee this year, I am really excited to join the wonderful team behind Oxford Pride.

Originally from the West Midlands, then spending many years living and working in London, I have recently moved to Oxfordshire inspired by the areas rich history and beauty. I have quickly learned that Oxford also has a vibrant and lively LGBTQIA+ community, of which I am so happy to be an active member, and I can’t wait to help celebrate the diversity of our wonderful community throughout 2020.

I am passionate about all aspects of the arts, and have more than 10 years experience working in creative design (everything from graphics, photography, video editing, animation and illustration). In addition to this I am a practising visual artist and have been lucky enough to exhibit my work worldwide. I am very much looking forward to throwing all of my experience and creative skills into Oxford Pride 2020!

Tim Hennessy

Entertainment Officer

I am Tim (he/him/his), and I'm the Entertainments Officer for this year. This is my 4th year on the committee but my first time in this particular role.

I'm looking forward to programming an exciting and diverse range of acts for the Oxford Pride stages, which you will all hopefully enjoy. Having a background in events and theatre, I'm excited to bring my prior experiences to this role, and hope to introduce acts which we have never seen before at our Pride to the 2020 stage. I'm also looking forward to showcasing and celebrating a number of fantastic local acts on our community stage, as Oxford has so many brilliant and talented performers.

Having been on the committee for a number of years, I'm always excited to see what new members of the team will bring to the table and I have loved watching Oxford Pride grow. On to another fabulous year!

Dale Godden

Festival Officer

I joined the Oxford Pride committee last year for Oxford Pride 2019. My main focus was organising the new community stage in the Westgate. I joined the committee for a few different reasons, I had never been an active member of the LGBTQIA+ community and after attending Oxford Pride in 2018 I decided it was time to change that. After finally finding the self acceptance I needed I felt compelled to learn and engage more with Oxford's LGBTQIA+ community. I’ve opened my life to a great amount of diversity, education and new friendships which will last forever and this even extends beyond Oxford Pride to other Prides that we work with.

After the success of 2019 I decided to stand for a different position on the 2020 committee with a new objective. My main objective for 2020 is to continue building on 2019’s festival to become even more diverse and inclusive for all members of the community. We had some amazing events in 2019 which will be continued through to 2020 with some exciting new ones. My other aim is to start organising and participating in more events with our Community Officers throughout the year to ensure we are bringing our community together all year long. Keep your eyes open, we have some exciting things coming up - and if you're interested in getting involved with the 2020 Festival, please email me at

Matthew Roxborough

Fundraising Officer


Marketplace Officer

This position is currently vacant, want to be considered for this role? Please contact

Neil Prestidge

Operations Officer

My name is Neil, I use he/his pronouns and I am the current operations officer for Oxford Pride 2020, 2020 will be my second year as the operations officer.

I first joined the Oxford Pride team in 2018 as a volunteer and then at the AGM I stood to be the operations officer. I used to be the Assistant Store Manager for a high street chain, this gave me great organisational skills that came in really handy last year.

Last year was my first Oxford Pride as the Operations Officer, it was a massive learning curve, I am looking forwards to putting everything that I have learnt into practice making 2020 Pride even better.

Before I joined the committee, I didn’t know anyone in the LGBTQ community in Oxford and I found this really isolating so to meet people I decided to join the Oxford Pride Committee. Since I joined the committee I have met an amazing group of people and for the first time I feel like I belong in the community. I want everyone to feel like they belong at Oxford Pride and I am looking forwards to working with other members of the committee to make this happen.

Emily Jones

Parade Officer

Tina Tosti

Volunteer Officer

I’m Tina (she/her), Volunteer Officer for Oxford Pride 2020. I am excited to be involved with Oxford Pride 2020. Being a LGBTQIA+ advocate is a 24/7 commitment and not just about the roles I take, it is a passion. My values remain constant. I want to be a positive role model, to listen, learn, engage, encourage, challenge and support my community.

Oxford Pride has the capability and means to support and celebrate our local LGBTQIA+ community and to fight discrimination and empower others to do the same. I am a counsellor, dedicated to working with people whose identities and lifestyles place them outside of cultural and social norms. I am currently co-ordinator of OxFriend, an Oxford-based LGBTQIA+ helpline, advice and support service.

Matthew Taylor

Website Officer

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Sir Ian Mckellan, Paul O'Grady, Lord Waheed Ali, Angela Eagle, Peter Tatchell, Clare Summerskill, Michael Cashman

Oxford Pride is a celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer life in Oxfordshire. The events supporting or arranged by Oxford Pride promote awareness of LGBT issues and lifestyles by providing information, education and entertainment in a safe and encouraging environment.

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